Last friday’s market: Guingamp

Last Friday’s market in Guingamp was rather uneventful for most of it. For once, it wasn’t raining. At around 11am, two gentlemen arrived on the market. they looked smart, and Emmanuel Hartiel thought he’d seen the oldest one of them before. It was a well-known local politician. he was waiting for the local candidate for today’s election. As he was waiting, he saw us and came for a chat. A typical politician, he was polite, and asked a few questions. At least, he left with information on the church and a tract that one of us handed over to him.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-17

  • Sunday 17th June in Guingamp: Morning worship followed by fellowship lunch. Must not forget to vote. #
  • yen eo an amzer hiziv #bzhg #
  • Polygamy in the Bible: A sordid tale #
  • Groupe de chant bretons kreizenn sevenadurel vrezhon Gwengamp #bzhg #
  • Le groupe de chant kreizenn gwengamp #bzhg #
  • Soirée au centre culturel Breton #bzhg #
  • Soirée au centre culturel Breton #bzhg #
  • End of year party in party in the Breton Cultural Centre tonight. #
  • Fête de fin d'année au centre culturel Breton de Guingamp ce soir #bzhg #
  • @alandavey five what? Pieces of cake? in reply to alandavey #
  • In the library. Studious atmosphere: students are revising for their exams. #
  • Warning, this video may make you feel travel sick. #
  • there are lorries both in front and behind the house. I am glad for double glazing. #
  • Il y a un camion devant la maison, mais aussi derrière. Heureusement qu'il y a du double vitrage #
  • Some thoughts on ebooks (in French) via @slatefr #
  • Had a great day in bordeaux today. Looking forward to be home tomorrow night though. #

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