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When was the last time I heard a sermon on the true cost of discipleship? I don’t recall hearing any when I was growing up. I can’t recall any over the last 10 years, appart from one by Mark Driscoll a few months ago. We always tend to always water down Christ’s claims to total devotion to him. but that’s wrong. This article has challenged me. What about you?

Discipleship and the Idols of Family and Culture – The Gospel Coalition Blog.

You may also want to check “Crazy Love ” by Francis Chan. This has challenged ma also to reconsider how I live my Christian life.


Here is a good read if you are interested in French society. Everything you want to know about the French people. The chapter on values is very thought provoking. A good tool to try to understand French society and get thinking about how the gospel responds to its values.

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I recently discovered that Amazon has a program which allows people to link to products and get a commission on the sales of the products they advertise. So I thought to myself why not give it a try? Here is the link: Keloù Mat’s recommended Books.

I’ll add some books to the selection. When you buy through this page, I’ll get a commission (a book token, I could have chosen a check but am not really interested).

Timothy Keller, La raison est pour Dieu

Tim Keller’s book “the Reason for God” came out recently in French. I ordered two copies, one for myself, and a spare one to lend or give away. It is a very good book, a bit heavy at times, but it is worth the effort. It was written for unbelievers in mind, but I found it helpful because it helps articulate answers to the doubts people raise concerning Christianity. Here is a video where Tim Keller explains the aim of his book:

Introduction to The Reason for God from Redeemer City to City on Vimeo.