Does the future have a church? | The Briefing

The briefing has an article on the British Protestant scene. It is interesting. the first thing that strikes me is the number of churches in the UK: 48.000, and the number of ministers: 36.000. For a reminder, there are about 2068 evangelical churches (not sure about the number of liberal protestant churches though) for about the same population. Also, the number of people who are members of a church is 5.5 millions in the UK as compared to 600.000 protestants in France (of which 46000 are evangelicals, less than 0.5% of the population). In the UK, 6% of the population attends a church service on Sundays (Thats 3.5 million people). Paul Levy says (here) it’s a pretty dire situation (which I agree with when you consider the rich christian history of the UK). But from a French perspective, the UK is a kind of evangelical heaven. No wonder many young French Christians who go to study in the UK don’t want to come back. Read the Briefing article: Does the future have a church? | The Briefing.

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