Back home

We came back home almost two weeks ago. It was a good trip, and we really enjoyed seeing many friends and some of the family. We spent the last few days in the UFM family conference in England. It was relaxing time and great to hear about God’s work in many parts of the world. But it is nice to be home at last.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

  • Check out '4 Disturbing Trends in the Contemporary Church' from Ligonier Ministries #
  • @Eseia1 llongyfarchiadau am ennill dysgwr y flwyddin. #
  • Met this guy a few weeks ago, congratulations to him. Eisteddfod: Isaias Grandis is Welsh Learner of the Year #
  • got the car back. Thank you for your prayers. New ball bearings in the back and it's now very smooth and quiet when we drive. #
  • Good news: car could be ready tonight. #
  • @jderekrees Os ti'n helpu yn pabell y mudiad, ti'n gallu mynd i fewn y maes am ddim. in reply to jderekrees #
  • Another day without the car. #
  • Car in the garage, not sure what the problem is but there were strange noises. That means no car for a few days. Pray it's sorted by sunday. #
  • The Remarkable Past and Future of the Gospel in Wales #Wales #cymru #gospel #
  • #victory : Benjamin slept through the night. #
  • So glad we're back in France: BBC News – Floods: Five stranded in Whitland flood rescued #

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