Back home

We came back home almost two weeks ago. It was a good trip, and we really enjoyed seeing many friends and some of the family. We spent the last few days in the UFM family conference in England. It was relaxing time and great to hear about God’s work in many parts of the world. But it is nice to be home at last.

Britain 2012, Days 8 to 15

We had a lovely time near Carmarthen with our friends Geraint and Magali. It’s a Franco-Welsh couple, and it was good to get to know each other better. The children played well together. There was a lot of French spoken, some Welsh, and hardly any English.

On the Sunday, I was preaching in Lampeter Evangelical church. Our two families had been invited and we had a great day, eating in the sun at the Hedyn Mwstard (too many people for Gareth and Liz’s house), and watching the kids play in the park. I preached in Welsh in the evening service. First time ever. But it went well.

On Monday, we went to Fishguard for lunch with some Friends, and I had a warm Welcome from Carmarthen Evangelical Church.

On Tuesday, we relaxed and went to see Esther’s uncle and aunt in Carmarthen. I spoke in the English Evangelical church in the evening.

On Wednesday, we headed towards Cardiff after lunch and stayed with friends from the Heath Evangelical church. I spoke there in the evening. It was lovely to be back in our home church.

On Thursday, I went to London, leaving the family in Cardiff. The train was slightly late, but I enjoyed walking in London, around Oxford Circus and Regent street. I visited the Apple store and Hamleys (a huge toy shop). I spoke in Kensit Evangelical church in the evening and met their new Pastor.

I went back to Cardiff on Friday. There was no meeting in the evening, and we had a lovely time with another couple from the Heath Evangelical church. Maxime was unwell and fell asleep on the sofa. He slept the whole time we were there.

On Saturday, we made our way to North Wales, taking our time and enjoying the sunshine.


Britain 2012, day 4

We woke up with a beautiful view on the hills around the farmhouse where we are staying. The morning was relaxing. The children fed the sheep and went on the tractor. Afterwards, we took off to visit Aberystwyth. We walked along the seaside and went to town. Later, Esthers’ cousin came to the house in Goginan with his family.

In the evening, I spoke at the Welsh Evangelical Church. It is a prayerful group who shows a lot of interest in our work. It was a real privilege to be able to see them again and share with them about what the Lord is doing in Brittany.

2012 visit to Britain, day 3

It was another good day. We started slowly and hanged around at the Christofides’ and left around 11. We initially planned to go to town, but finally decided to have lunch at one2two, Heath Church’s tea room and bookshop. We had good food for cheap, and saw a few friends there. We’ll be visiting the Heath Church next week.

After that, we took off for Aberystwyth. It was raining most of the way, but we still enjoyed some nice views. After tea, I went to speak about the work at Alfred Place Baptist Church. A few people new Guingamp and have been there several times, but they didn’t know about the church. It was a good meeting, with a lot of questions at the end. Afterwards, people came to speak to me. This meeting being the first on our tour of Wales, I struggled a bit to start with, but it eventually got better.

Now for a good night sleep and a relaxed day tomorrow.