Newsletter frustrations

As a missionary, we regularly send newsletters to provide fuel for people’s prayer and remind our supporters of our existence. Email is a great help. It is fast an cheap. But it seems that many people either don’t receive them or just don’t read their mails. At least, when we used to send proper letters, there were good chances were that peopIe opened them.

I use Mailchimp for convenience, and thanks to it’s tools, I know exactly who has opened our newsletters. Last week, I sent a newsletter to 280 people. Three messages bounced back, 132 were opened and presumably read, and 145 remain unopened. That’s 51.8%. I suspect that some have changed address and haven’t told us. Most don’t bother checking their spam filter from time to time. The rest probably delete it without opening. I’d love to know. I could send a separate email to the 145 people who haven’t opened the latest newsletter to know. But I won’t. Still, I am grateful to the 132 who have read it.

Rant finished.

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