9:30 pm, Sunday night. The phone starts ringing

21:30, Sunday night. The phone is ringing. That’s odd. Who would phone us at this time of the day. (In France, you don’t usually phone people after 9). I’ll answer anyway.
Me: Hello ?
Person on the Phone : Mr Durand ?
Me : Yes
Person on the Phone: This is Chambéry central police station. Do you own a Renault trafic ?
Me: Yes
Police officer : Someone contacted us to let us know that your car is opened.
Me: Ok, Thanks, I’ll go and check.

I went and checked.

A local councilor had spotted that the back door of our van was opened and contacted the police to find the owner. He closed the door and waited for a while to see if I would turn up. He was still there when I arrived.

Silly me had left the back door opened after coming back from a walk with the boys. No one had visited the car as far as I can tell.

At least, I got to talk with one of the local councillors.

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