“Remember the time, protecting Michael Jackson in His Final days”, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard

I have never really listened to Michael Jackson. I was never a fan. I can’t say I didn’t like his music. I was not interested. When he died, I was surprised at how young he was. I was sad for him and his family. But I wasn’t devastated.
Nevertheless, when I came across an extract from the book “Remember the time”, I thought it could make an interesting read. And it was. It is not great literature, but it opens the door to the fascinating world of the King of Pop. It sheds a different light on the man. It shows that he was just that: an ordinary man, struggling to live a normal family life. But he couldn’t go out without being recognised.
There is a funny episode when Michael wants to visit a shop in Las Vegas. He disguises himself, covering his head to look like a mummy. Obviously, it is a big fail. Not only people in the shopping mall keep on looking at this odd bod walking around as a mummy, but also, he has kept his traditional black trousers and white socks. It doesn’t take long for people to recognise him, and the shopping trip ends up with a riot. Only once was he able to walk incognito. His bodyguards made him wear a bikers suit and helmet so that he could walk through the town. And it worked. Most of the time, the man had to avoid being seen in public, always going through the back door, living in hiding.
This is Michael Jackson’s story from the point of view of his last bodyguards. Two men who lived with him almost daily for the last few years of his life. They came to know him. He never trusted anyone, but he started trusting them. They give a different point of view in the man. They may be a bit too positive at times. But they do not hide some of his faults.
I discovered that Michael had been raised a JW and that he remained faithful to the Watchtower society for many years until he left the movement in the eighties. Nevertheless, he was often reading the Bible, and knew it well.
If you are looking for light reading for the summer, that book will open up a new world to you: the crazy world of the King of Pop.

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