Brittany in Cardiff

I work in an amazing shop called Costco where I do product demonstrations. Costco is the kind of shop where you can find all sorts of things. It is an american company so many products come directly from the States, and you will only find them there.

Amongst the products I noticed some time ago are two products that are actually made in Guingamp, the town where we plan to move. They are Madeleines, some sort of small cup cakes, and chocolate filled crepes. I find that very exciting, and never miss an opportunity to tell people about it.

Lucid Lynx

Those who know me a bit will know that I have been a fan of Linux for a number of year. Linux is an open-source Operating System, which means that it is available for free, but also that you can do pretty much what you want with it (even giving it away to friends) without breaking the law.

I have used a number of distributions over the years, starting with Opensuse. Through the years I have tried Fedora, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and more recently Linux Mint. One of the problem with Linux distributions is that many tend to become addicted to upgrading their system in order to get the new exciting stuff. I must say I fall in that category, although I am now becoming more settled. So, after using Linux Mint for a while, about a year, I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu Linux Lucid Lynx, after reading many praises.

It went smoothly, and I am gradually getting back on track. I have most things reinstalled now, and almost everything seems to work smoothly. That’s appart from the wireless which got me frustrated. I checked the forums, and I am not the only one, so I feel better.

Even the sound is working at last, after a year when it was only working on and off.

House hunting (5)

I spoke to the agency on Friday. They seem quite happy to go forward. I may have to go to Guingamp to sign the paperwork in a couple of weeks. That’s really exciting.

God’s guidance often leaves me baffled. We think we’ve got it all thought through and then something unexpected turns up and all you can do is put yourself completely in God’s hands and trust that He will show you the right way.

That’s one way to understand human nature

This article in the Independent on Saturday 5th June 2010 presents one view of human nature: There is no one either good or bad, but circumstances make them so. But as a Christian who believes in man’s sinfulness, it is a highly frustrating read as it provides no real answer. It also shifts man’s responsibility on circumstances: It’s not my fault, it’s the circumstances, I didn’t have any choice.