Deputation, day 4 — Cardiff and Wrexham

I spent part of the morning in Cardiff. It was a bit strange to be there. I had a coffee and Baguette in Le Rendez-Vous. I worked there full time in 1999-2000, and 2000-2001. The place has changed a lot, the people also. But two people I used to work with are still there, and it was nice to have a quick chat with them. After that I wondered around town before going to catch my train.

The journey between Cardiff and Wrexham is amazing. The sun was shining, and the countryside was beautiful. I managed to finish another book: Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It is a challenging book and well worth a read.

Mark Thomas picked me up from Wrexham General. It was good to get to know him and his family better. His wife Gwawr is Esther’s cousin. One of the most enjoyable part of Deputation is the hospitality, and getting to know my hosts.

The meeting went well, people had a lot of questions, and we had to stop so that we could have some time to pray. Now for a good night sleep. Back to London tomorrow.

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