I love working in the library

The children are at home and Wednesdays and it can be hard to get anything done. So I sometimes go the the library for a couple of hours to do some studying. I like working in the library. It is usually fairly quiet. There’s a possibility to get connected via wifi, but I don’t ask for a password so that i don’t get tempted. I often get more done in two hours than in 4 or 5 hours at home.

Wednesdays are for music

There’s no school on Wednesday but that does not mean we’re idle at home. Wednesdays will be music school day. In the morning, Maxime has a half an hour introduction to music with other children his age. When I first inquired a few weeks ago, there was no space left, but they took my name in case someone didn’t turn up. They rang me back a few days later to let me know a space was now available for him. Maxime was thrilled at the idea.

Jean-Baptiste will have an hour choir practice in the afternoon. Three of his classmates are in the same group. I’ll go to the library to get some work done and he’ll join me there when he’s finished. His guitar practice will be on Thursday night.