A weekend in the life

On Saturday morning, I went to a meeting organised by our local MP on the subject of Gay marriage. About 30 people had come along. Our MP gave her reasons for supporting the change in the law, and had invited a few people to speak, all in support of her own position. It was quite disappointing. I had gone to listen to their arguments in favor of the change. To be honest, it’s pretty thin. My impression before going was that it is mainly a pragmatic reason: society has changed, relationships also, so we need to change the law. This was confirmed by one of the people speaking who himself admitted it was a pragmatic law. Appart from that, teh key issue at the end is our definition of marriage. Their position is that is is only a civil contract between two person, and started in France in 1804. How were people relating to each other before 1804, I wonder?

After that, I went with Jean-Baptiste and maxime to Jean-Baptiste’s football match. It rained and lot and we got soaked. In the evening, we watched a film together and went to bed.

On Sunday, I was preaching in St Brieuc. I had a good time. I felt very unprepared, but It seems the message went through if I believe the discussions I had at the end. I went home for lunch, And we stayed inside all afternoon.