Book review: “the gospel call and true conversion” by Paul Washer

[amazon_link id=”1601782365″ target=”_parent” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Gospel Call and True Conversion[/amazon_link]This book is a most welcome volume on a most important subject: conversion. There’s much confusion on the subject in the evangelical scene today. Many people are rushed into false assurance when it is clear they have never understood the gospel, repented and believed. It is time to go back to the Word of God and ask ourselves whether our idea of conversion is biblical or not. I am afraid that for many people around, it isn’t.

Reading this book was helpful. It goes back to basics, and offers a healthy criticism of today’s unbiblical gospel. It confirmed my conviction that we don’t call people to repentance anymore, and that inviting Jesus into one’s heart is not biblical.

It will be helpful to anyone who is concerned about the many people around them claiming to be “born again” without showing any signs of change in their lives. Read it, underline it, apply it… It will be worth the effort

I was sent a review copy by “Cross focused reviews”

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