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The White Horse Inn podcast recently held a series titled “Ordinary”. I found these both convicting and challenging, especially the first one. See below for links to the various podcasts

I’ve come to the point where I’m not sure anymore just what God counts as radical. And I suspect that for me, getting up and doing the dishes when I’m short on sleep and patience is far more costly and necessitates more of a revolution in my heart than some of the more outwardly risky ways I’ve lived in the past. And so this is what I need now: the courage to face an ordinary day — an afternoon with a colicky baby where I’m probably going to snap at my two-year old and get annoyed with my noisy neighbor — without despair, the bravery it takes to believe that a small life is still a meaningful life, and the grace to know that even when I’ve done nothing that is powerful or bold or even interesting that the Lord notices me and is fond of me and that that is enough.

Tish Harrison Warren, Courage in the ordinary

Here are links to each podcast:

1. Courage in the Ordinary 

2. Ordinary Excellence

3. Extraordinary gifts through ordinary means

4. The God of the Ordinary

5. Ordinary life and Vocation

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