Guingamp Market, 01/06/2012

I went to Guingamp market on my own this morning. I was able to park very close to the market, which was nice. I was joined by a member of the church, and Emmanuel Hartiel arrived before 11 am. It was a beautiful morning. the sun was out, and it was quite hot after a while. There were lot of people shopping. We also have some elections coming soon, and some people were handing out political flyers.

A Breton militant from “Breizhistance” gave us a flyer. We accepted on the condition he took one of ours. He took one but didn’t look very interested. He said he’d been brought up in the religion (catholic I suppose), and had rejected it. When such opportunities come up, I wish we had some Christian literature in Breton, I am convinced that would help.

I saw a few people I know from school. A young woman I’ve spoken to before had a chat with the other Emmanuel. She’s a Roman catholic and was given a Bible by Claude Broux many years ago. She was converted after reading it.