Confinement Chronicles, day 1

So, the government decided it was time to lock the country down and put the whole population in confinement because of Covid-19.

On Friday we thought we could still have our Sunday service, cancelling the communion and making sure people wouldn’t shake hands or kiss each other. But on Saturday we were told all places and businesses not essential to daily life. That included places of worship. So we quickly contacted everyone the let them know all meetings are cancelled.

Schools had closed on Friday evening but will send homework daily for the children. We had never seriously considered homeschooling but in God’s providence, we have no choice. So on Monday morning, all the children got down to work. It went well for a while. They’ll get used to it.

On Monday evening, our president announced that people would have to confine themselves, starting Tuesday lunchtime. But there are still a few things we can do outside.

Tuesday, our first day of confinement went well. The children did some homework, played some board games. Jean-Baptiste, our eldest, went cycling (that’s one of the few reasons to be able to go outside).

In the evening, we had our first prayer meeting by videoconference. It went well. 10 people were able to connect and we had time to share news and pray together. Next meeting will be on Sunday, by videoconference.