Confinement Chronicles, day 7

One week

It’s been one week since we are officially confined home. The weather is gorgeous. The sun is shining. It is a bit cold though.


We don’t have to go far to shop. There is a supermarket a few hundred metres from our building. But we don’t want to go too often. So our shopping today required a bit of planning.

We have enough provisions to last for a week at least, but we needed some meat and a few other things to complement our meals. Usually, if we need something we simply go out. We also do one big shopping on the Internet once a week. But at the moment we try to avoid going out all the time.

Esther and I went out together so that we could bring back more stuff: milk, meat, yogourt…

The shop was quiet, with no queues. We usually come across friends or neighbours and a quick shop can take a long time. But didn’t see anyone we knew today, and people don’t take time to chat anyway. There’s a strange feeling. People shop quietly, rushing through as quickly as possible.

Prayer meeting

The prayer meeting was online once again. It works quite well but we need to get used to it. More people logged in than last week. Soe have troubles connecting.

Tried to use some slides with prayer points but the system crashed after a while.

Everyone is doing well. One member may have covid-19 but is only experiencing very light symptoms so far.