Confinement Chronicles, day 5

Day 5 went smoothly. No early morning run today. But instead some step ups, 240m height gain in about 30 minutes. In the afternoon, I went for a quick run around the block, 5k, 30 minutes again.

I also did a bit of reading for Sunday’s meditation. I will speak on Psalm 46. Interestingly, when God says “Be still, and know that I am God”, He is not speaking to the Israëlites but to the nations. In essence, he is telling the nations to stop on their track and consider who He is. Let’s make the most of this opportunity to stop for a while and recentre our lives.

Esther went out for a quick shop. I couldn’t find flour on Friday and we needed cereals for breakfast.

No work for the children today as it is Saturday. Instead, we watched a film as a family. It was a classic: “Coming to America” with Eddy Murphy. It was fun.